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Supporting Gay rights

While these things usually don't concern me, it does concern me this time. There are laws in place in many countires that prohibit people from being who they are. This, to me, is wrong, because it meddles with freewill and fate. Both are important to me,they dictate my decisions. People hide their sexuality out of fear of persecution. People are also murdered for their sexuality and gender identity. This sickens me, and I believe it is wrong to persecute someone because of their morally right freewill and choices.

In about 36 countries, homosexuality is illegal. In some, it is punishable by death. Many LGBT groups in these countries still continue to fight for their rights, dispite actively being persecuted. I think this is admirable, and I am glad these people are acting within their own free will for something they are passionate about.In the year 2020, 350 transgender people were murdered. Two hundred and Eighty-seven were murdered in central and South America. Fifty-seven were murdered in Mexico, and 28 were murdered in the United States. It was a violent year for transgender people, and it makes me upset that these people are killed because of their choice to live freely. Finally, around 83 percent of the LGBT community, world wide, is still in the closet. People are afraid to come out, out of fear they may face consequences.

Some people may say, that homosexuality is wrong and that is goes against their ideology and tradition. However, one mans personal choice does not affect another mans life. One man is acting out of freewill, it is in nature to love, and the other is unaffected by this choice. It is unfair argument to say that one mans life somehow affects yours. A strangers opinions on Claudius does not affect me. I do not know them and they have nothing to do with my hatred towards Claudius.

I've nothing to do with gay rights, however I have everything to do with freewill and fate. My freewill is determined by my fate, this dictates my life and actions. LGBT people are persecuted everyday and their rights are constantly threatened, if they have any. In some countries they even face death. Violence against transgender people is high. People are closeted, out of fear they might be hurt, by others or their own government. Rights should be distributed to everyone, revoking or withholding those rights takes away freewill and stops fate to a halt.